What all the best websites do : success strategy

What all the best websites do:

There are 2 things that all successful websites do:
They produce great content then they promote that content really well.

you have to promote your content

Maybe a bit more subtle than this.

Producing great content, of course, will make your site so much better and increases visitor engagement, which is great.

Promoting that content with the aim of drawing your audience back to your site, via newsletters, is all fine and dandy if you can get tens of thousands to visit.

Here’s the tricky bit:

However there is one element that lots of site owners and content writers side step, sweep under the carpet or fake a heart attack to change the subject at the mere mention of, anything but talk about content marketing.

Marketing your content to your peers in your sector with the aim of getting backlinks is vital.

Backlinks contribute hugely to your credibility, authority and trust – and are the fuel to propelling your website up the rankings. Nothing else is going to do that!

Sounds good, what’s the problem

No problem, people just don’t like the feeling of rejection.

When you do things the wrong way it can be quickly become very disheartening.

You spent all that time and no one is interested, why bother.

Randomly sending out hundreds of emails to all the “info@” email addresses in your sector is not going to get you very far. As some people do. Well at least they are doing something many many more do nothing!

However finding out who has a history of linking to content like yours is a better way to proceed. We will cover this in a later post.

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First things, first.

So with that I am going to change the subject away from content marketing.
(Didn’t he just scorn others for doing that! – I think he did)

Let’s talk about producing better content because you need to do that first, right.

My job

is to help you produce better content.

Your job

is to then move forward from better content to great content and then onto remarkable content.

Your probably thinking:

But what to write about?

There are thousands of blogs/websites out there covering my subject/sector.

How can I write anything new and original.

Yes the internet is huge, massive and it is a sea of content – it’s everywhere.

I am going to let you into a secret.

Most of it is rubbish – poorly written – poorly presented – out of date – abandoned – forgotten about – lost, just drifting aimlessly until the life support (hosting) is switched off.

Of course some of the content out there is really good – so you have a benchmark – but no one in your sector has a monopoly – and here’s prove that great content and good content marketing works because that is what they are doing.

There are a lot of ideas and information that you can gather – write it up and re-present it.

The originality that you are going to introduce is – your angle, your point of view, your niche, your voice, your style.

Here’s my angle

I am attempting to produce content on SEO – how many others are doing that! – my angle is showing people how to apply it specifically to WordPress sites.

I sell website hosting – most of my clients use WordPress – I want them to have successful WordPress sites so they renew their hosting.

There’s not much mileage in talking about website hosting itself – but all my clients want Website Success.

As for it being Good Content – you have to be the judge of that!

Other content writing considerations:

Remember the internet is huge but the audience is even bigger.

Solve people problems – This is the problem – This is how to solve it.

Make your post actionable – delivering an action that the reader can easily put into effect.

Don’t hold back on giving away trade secrets (this is great content) some people may try and it themselves – most won’t and will want you to do it for them.

Content writing pointers:

Stick to one subject and one subject only in a single post.

The length and depth of your post should match.

Spend as much time as you need to produce something of quality.

You first sentence should be the best sentence (take time to get this right).

Craft an irresistible lead to entice readers.

Kill the hype – keep it real.

Your close is as important as the lead.

Plain writing is best.

Edit Edit Edit.

REF: 12 content writing tips

Other Content Ideas
If I sold insurance – I would talk about preventing accidents – uninsured drivers – home security – 50 things people didn’t insure and then something totally unexpected happened etc.

If I was a steam cleaning business – how many different bugs can be found in carpets, beds and furniture – those people you see on TV who never clean and the other extreme, obsessive compulsive cleaners – how to clean red wine out of your sisters hamster after a party (that never happened).

If you are really struggling to come up with any ideas to get you started here is a list of article styli content ideas that could be useful to most sectors.

Who is the biggest.

Who is the most successful.

When did it all start.

Who has had the biggest single failure.

Who has had the biggest single success.

Why did you get involved.

What is changing in your sector.

What needs changing in your sector.

What should never change in your sector.

Is your sector over/under regulated.

What drives you nuts about your sector.

What happened last/next year in your sector.

Plus always keep a constant look out for relevant content for ideas.

There is a lot of good content out there that you can be inspired by

There’s what I do:

I find a number closely related articles.
First I will scan read them – I am looking for headlines that peak my interest.
If I see some then I go over them again and again and again.

Then with all that information still fresh in my head I start to outline my new article (in notepad++) then, once I am happy, I will flesh it out and post it!

I’ve done the research, learned the stuff and then written it up. Just like they taught us at school, right.

Leave it for a few days – the fallow period – then read it again.

It will look totally different like looking at it for the first time. I then correct the many mistakes.

Personally I will post an unfinished article. Then I know for sure I will get back to it. Files in a DEV folder just don’t seem to get opened to often, but that’s just me.

Going back to old posts after they have been long since published is something I recommend you do. Refresh it with some relevant anecdotal evidence – maybe that a reader sent in. Breathe new life into it and put it out there again.

There’s another idea:

Brain Dean of Backlinko.com coined the phrase “Skyscrapper technique” where you find the tallest of those lists that you see all over the place – 20 ways to climb Everest blindfolded – the target then is to make a taller list – 24 ways etc. working on the theory the tallest list will ultimately get to the top spot on Google.

Makes sense to me. Then everything Brian says makes sense. You should Google him.


Whenever you do send out a newsletter campaign ideally your site should look fresh and new. That’s easy to do if you have enough content that you can move around.

Change some images on the home page.

Change the order that the post excerpts appear.

We are doing all this hard work to get people to return to your site.

If it looks the same every time they visit how inclined are they going to be to stay and read other post or pages.

This also gives us a great reason to tell the search engines that you have changed your content and they should come and check it out. More about that later.

Would your content make a infograhic.

Once you have had your content out there for some time and added additional information.
Remember to keep revisiting adding and amending.

Ask yourself if that content could reasonable be turned into an infographic.

Inforgraphics are great a way to get a lot of information across in very short time and are highly shareable.

This is a excellent way of breathing new life into a old post that has involved into a substantial document.

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